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Have a friend in need? Is someone you know the target of violence or bullying? Did you see or hear something? Say something! Make an anonymous call and get them help! It's okay to help a friend.

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Lowest ranking GPA for each quartile:

Class of 2020: 
Quartile 1, 4.76604
Quartile 2, 4.14595
Quartile 3, 3.42632

Class of 2021:
Quartile 1, 4.79375
Quartile 2, 4.17143
Quartile 3, 3.44138

Class of 2022:
Quartile 1, 4.70000
Quartile 2, 4.18947
Quartile 3, 3.48571

Class of 2023: 
Quartile 1, 4.62000
Quartile 2, 4.22000
Quartile 3, 3.48000

Top 10% GPA Cutoffs*
Class of 2020 - 5.31923
Class of 2021 - 5.30714
Class of 2022 - 5.06364
Class of 2023 - 4.91667

Students ranked in the top 10% will have their rank listed on their Ranking Weighted 4.0 transcript.  As a reminder, we do not rank students outside of the top ten percent.

*All GPAs updated 6/12/2020