The 9 week level down request window is October 15-17. Changes will begin to be made after the grading period closes on October 26th. Please complete the form after reading all instructions.

Friends For Life Hotline


Have a friend in need?  Is someone you know the target of violence or bullying? Did you see or hear something? Say something! Make an anonymous call and get them help! It's okay to help a friend.

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CALL: 817-469-TIPS (8477)




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Class of 2019: 97pfcj
Class of 2020: skjrzu
Class of 2021: 9nzml2q
Class of 2022: xwiag8v

Lowest ranking GPA for each quartile*

Class of 2019:
Quartile 1- 4.64000
Quartile 2- 3.96000
Quartile 3- 3.29375
Quartile 4- 1.15714
*updated 9/25/18

Class of 2020:
Quartile 1- 4.53636
Quartile 2- 4.00000
Quartile 3- 3.25882
Quartile 4- 0.28000

Class of 2021: 
Quartile 1- 4.53333
Quartile 2- 4.00000
Quartile 3- 3.17500
Quartile 4- 0.26087

Top 10% GPA Cutoffs*
Class of 2019 - 5.10000 *updated 9/25/18
Class of 2020 - 4.97273
Class of 2021 - 4.9000

For the Class of 2018, class rank (for the top ten percent) shall be reported on a Certification of Class Rank for at the end of the spring semester with the reporting of final grades. As a reminder, we do not rank students outside of the top ten percent.

*updated 6/21/18