Administrative Team

CHHS has a team whose members have different job titles and job responsibilities but are bound together by a common denominator; the welfare of students. Team members actively work to create a positive school culture in which all people, students and adults, are viewed as valuable, worthy, and possessing a dignity to be respected.

James Whitfield Picture
James Whitfield
CHHS Principal
Robin Buxbaum Picture
Robin Buxbaum
Administrative Assistant
Colivian Green Picture
Colivian Green
Associate Principal
Diana Brock Picture
Diana Brock
Administrative Assistant
Katie Granado Picture
Katie Granado
Assistant Principal (A-Holk)
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Stacy Cannaday
Administrative Assistant
Kelli Mann Picture
Kelli Mann
Assistant Principal (Holl-Mom)
Ross Nelson Picture
Ross Nelson
Assistant Principal (Mon-Schu)
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Scott Saettel
Assistant Principal (Sco-Z)