2023-2024 Schedule Adjustment Form

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Have a friend in need? Is someone you know the target of violence or bullying? Did you see or hear something? Say something! Make an anonymous call and get them help! It's okay to help a friend.

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Lowest Ranking GPA in Each Quartile:

CHHS 2022-2023 Quartiles as of January 2023
(lowest ranking GPA for each quartile)
Class of 2023: 
Quartile 1, 4.69412
Quartile 2, 4.01333
Quartile 3, 3.39412
Class of 2024:
Quartile 1, 4.60000
Quartile 2, 3.85714
Quartile 3, 3.02727

Class of 2025:
Quartile 1, 4.66667
Quartile 2, 4.05333
Quartile 3, 3.21429
Class of 2026: 
Quartile 1, 4.48000
Quartile 2, 3.88000
Quartile 3, 2.92000

Top 10% GPA Cutoffs as of January 2023:

Class of 2023: 5.2000
Class of 2024: 5.11200
 Class of 2025: 4.90000 (as of June, 2022)
(Quartiles updated 1/2023. 9th and 10th grade top 10% cutoff GPAs are calculated after the end of each school year only.)

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CHHS Counseling Vision Statement:

CHHS Counseling strives to empower the whole student.  Through collaboration with all stakeholders, all students will have success in achieving their potential in academics, social interactions, and career aspirations while also becoming productive and contributing members of an ever-changing world.

CHHS Counseling Mission Statement:

It is the mission of the Colleyville Heritage High School Counseling Department to develop and deliver a comprehensive school counseling program that is data-driven and collaborative.  We are committed to focusing on the whole high school student, both present and future, and advocating for all students to have equal access and opportunity to all that CHHS has to offer in order to prepare them for success in the future.