College & Training Program Prep
Life After High School
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The time is now to explore options and prepare for college or a training program after High School!

Here are some activities engaged students will complete before they finish high school to help them find the right path to college or a training program.  Where possible, each activity is paired with useful online resources.  
Select an appropriate endorsement area 
Foundation High School Endorsement Bulletins
High school students can choose from 5 different endorsements. Here is information providing a closer look at each endorsement and connecting them to career opportunities.
Students and families can use the college and career preparation checklists and resources in the Toolkit. It also provides Foundation High School Program and endorsement choices information.
 Select high school courses aligned to endorsement area
The Program of Studies lists all high school courses. It also details requirements for your endorsement area and graduation.
 Select a college or training program that the student can attend
School Information
Use this resource to find specific information regarding colleges and training programs in the U.S. 
Students often find more than one college or training program that is a good fit. Use this website to compare them side by side and find the one that is best. 
Students need to explore different college programs of study to determine what their primary focus will be when they finish high school. What you study in college directly affects your career opportunities. Explore how programs of study connect to specific careers.

After a student inputs their GPA and SAT score this resource will provide them clear, easy to understand admission chances, rankings and tools. This simplifies the college search process. 
 Maintain an appropriate GPA
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GPA is one of the major things that four year colleges and universities look at when reviewing applications for admission.
 Use this GPA calculator (from College Simply) to estimate the outcome of this semester's grades on your overall average.  
 Prepare for STAAR exams 
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Students need to prepare for STAAR exams like they would any important test. You can prepare for the STAAR exams using the STAAR Online Testing Platform, but you need to install it first. Click on this link and under the heading
STAAR Online Testing Platform Secure Browsersselect your operating system. After installation, click the desktop icon to access the STAAR Online Testing Platform.
 Apply to College Board for testing accommodations 
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Did you know it can take up to seven weeks to get accommodations approved for SAT testing? The College Board suggests applying during the Freshman year. Click below for student and family tips from the College Board concerning applying for testing accommodations.  
 Complete appropriate college exam practice - TSI, SAT, ACT

Students need to prepare before taking this placement test. This link provides practice questions and study information.
Get to know what the SAT and PSAT will be like by practicing with these sample questions.
More SAT Practice
You can also practice at Khan Academy. You’ll find thousands of questions approved by the College Board, four official SAT practice tests, and personalized study plans.
 Take appropriate college exam - TSI, SAT, ACT
If you plan on attending a community college, you will take the TSI Assessment. You want to learn as much as you can about the TSI so you can perform at your best. This link takes you to a website with TSI information and resources for your benefit.
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If you plan on attending a four year university or college, you will take the SAT assessment.  You can use this link to register.
 Complete the FAFSA (college financial aid form)
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All college bound students complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Just click on the link below to get this process started.
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College is expensive, but fortunately there are many resources that offer financial support. Check out this guide to understand the basics of financial aid and to find about applying for aid. 
 Attend a college fair
Every student should attend this Annual College Night held in October. Meet representatives from over 100 colleges and training programs. Learn about college applications, financial aid and more.
 Apply to a college or training program the student can attend
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Students can apply for admission to any Texas public university, as well as to participating private colleges and community colleges.
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The Common Application (also known as Common App) provides a single college application system that makes it easier for students to apply to multiple colleges and universities. Whereas ApplyTexas only applies to colleges and universities in Texas, Common App has member colleges all over the United States. As a result, Common App is particularly helpful for students who are planning to apply to out-of-state colleges. 

***These Resources organized by the Transition Work Group - Summer 2017.
         Please thank these people for volunteering their time and effort:

          Elisha Dickens, Laura Epperson, Jon McCormick and Celena Rodriguez