Colleyville Heritage High School and Grapevine-Colleyville ISD is committed to providing our students with a quality education. To help us in that endeavor, we need a commitment from the students to be in attendance every day. When students are in class every day, doing each day's work, learning becomes much easier -- and the students become much more successful. Please log in to Skyward Family Access OFTEN to view your student's attendance record.

The attendance office is conveniently located
by the front Main Entrance.

 Fax 817-305-4749 
Responsibility Name Phone
 Attendance Lead
Sheila Ybarra

[email protected]
 817 305-4718  
Attendance Clerk 
Last Names A-K
 Barbara Brooks
Barbara Brooks
817 305-4720  
Attendance Clerk  
Last Names L-Z
 Lesli Ware
Lesli Ware
817 305-4717


If a student must be absent from school a parent should call the school attendance office each day of a student’s absence to report the students’ name and reason for the absence (personal or illness).  If a parent forgets to call, then the student must bring a parent note to the attendance office the day they return to school.  If the parent does not call or send a note, the student will be considered truant. 

 When an absence occurs and no parent contact has been made, a call will be sent home in the evening through an automated calling systems.  Always take the following action when you get this call:

      1.   Log in to Skyward Family Access to view the absence. Keep in mind, all absences are processed the following school  day.
     2.  If you have not already sent in a written explanation of the absence, please send in a note stating the reason for the absent along with the date and a call-back number. 

You may also have your physician fax a doctor's excuse to 817-305-4749. We recommend you continue to monitor your student's attendance in Skyward on a regular basis. 

   3.    If you think an absence was marked in error, please have YOUR STUDENT come by the attendance office the next morning and we will begin the verification process which requires a teacher's signature.
In order for a student to obtain an optimum education, it is important that he/she attend school regularly.  On the 5th absence for any class period, the student will lose credit for the course.  Absences documented with a doctor's note or due to a religious holiday will not count toward these absences. 
For a student to regain credit he/she must make up hours with his/her assistant principal. These make up hours (seat time) are made up on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons from 4p-6p in C301. Tutorials are also available during this time. The attendance office will send letters home to the parent after their student receives 2 absences in any one class period.  Notice will be sent out after the 5th absence to alert the parent that the student has lost credit and needs to attend seat time. There are two sides to attendance: Course credit and Legal. AFC- Attendance for Credit letters are generated after four excused and/or unexcused absences. The first letter is a warning and the second letter, sent out at 5 absences, is the actual credit denial (meaning: the student has not attended the mandated 90% of instruction days). On the legal side of attendance, FTA- Failure to Attend letters are generated after a student acquires 3 unexcused absences in accordance with the first of Texas Education Association (TEA) requirements. (Excused absences do not count towards FTA letters.) TEA's second requirement is notification to the parent at 10 unexcused absences indicating our intent to file charges in a court of law.
Colleyville Heritage will do all that we can to ensure that students receive credit in courses where they have earned a passing grade.  We will notify parents by mail if a student's absences exceed the minimum allowed and we will work with students on a contractual arrangement to regain their credits.  However, the major responsibility remains with the student. We encourage you to log in to Skyward Family Access often to keep current on your student's attendance record.
Per GCISD policy, students are allowed to miss school for the purpose of college visits. The policy states, “The District shall excuse a student for up to two days during the student’s junior year and up to two days during the student’s senior year to visit an accredited institution of higher education. A student shall be required to submit verification of such visits in accordance with administrative regulations.” Acceptable documentation would be any standard form or paper from the college, stating the student visited the college or an email from the college confirming the visit.


Students WILL NOT be paged between class periods to pick up items or messages, nor will class be interrupted for delivery of items or messages during the school day.  It will be the responsibility of parents and students to communicate via other methods (cell phone, discuss before/after school, etc) should there be a need.  Students are permitted to use their cell phones during passing periods and lunch. 
The Attendance office will not be responsible for items left in the office for students, and can not guarantee your student will come pick up messages or deliveries.  Instruction time is valuable and will not be interrupted for personal reasons.  The attendance office will only process messages pertaining to the dismissal of a student from school.


Students arriving to school after the school day has begun MUST check in through the attendance office before reporting to class to obtain an admit slip.
When checking in students need the following:

      1.  A note from a parent indicating that the parent is aware that their student is checking in late, and the reason (personal or illness).

      2.  A properly documented note from a doctor’s office excusing the absence. You may also choose to have your physician fax a doctor's excuse to 817-358-4765.

If a note is not possible, a parent may call the Attendance Clerk listed above according to your alphabetical last name. Please leave a detailed message if leaving a voice mail. Without one of these two documents or a phone call, the absence will be considered truant. 
Parents do not need to accompany their student into the building to check in if they have sent their student in with a parent/doctor's note in hand, or have called the attendance office to report the late arrival.



The Attendance office will not dismiss a student until parent contact has been made by parent note or parent phone call. (E-mails will not be accepted )  Our preference is for the parent to send a note to the Attendance Office with their student first thing in the morning. The Attendance office will exchange the parent note for an Early Dismissal form.  The parent note must include the student first and last name, time of dismissal (not the time of the appointment), reason (personal or illness) and the parent signature and phone number.  Parents do not need to come in to the school to check out their student if you have sent a note for dismissal or called in advance requesting a dismissal.
If you decide to come to school to check out your student, please allow us plenty of time to locate your student.  It takes a while to locate students in a building as large as ours (30-45 minutes).  Students are particularly hard to locate if they are in their athletic class or at lunch. If you send a note requesting the students early dismissal with your student in the morning you will eliminate time spent waiting for us to locate your student.   
Please re-visit the attendance page often to check for any updates or changes.
Thank you.