Welcome to Dual Credit!

TSI-A Testing Instructions
Students (who are not TSI-A exempt) will take the TSI-A at the TCC NE Campus any time between February 25th and March 24th.  Before testing, students pick up a TSI-A form from the dual credit office at TCC no later than 2:45 p.m. on the day they test and take the form to the Campus Testing Center (828 W Harwood Road).  There is no cost to take the TSI-A. Students will need to show their picture ID and know their TCC student ID number to take the TSI-A.  After testing, students will return to CHHS and report to the attendance office and provide their TSI-A results as proof of attendance.  Students must also give a copy of their TSI-A results to Mrs. Walden or Mrs. Habermehl in the counseling office.  Students will receive their TSI-A scores immediately following the completion of the assessment. THE DEADLINE TO SUBMIT TSI-A SCORES IS MARCH 24TH. NO SCORES WILL BE ACCEPTED PAST MARCH 24TH.
*TSI passing scores: reading- 351, writing- 4 on essay and 340 or higher on multiple choice OR a 5 on the essay
*To be exempt from taking the TSI-A test a student must have an SAT score with a minimum of 480 on the Reading/Writing section OR an ACT score of 19 (minimum) on the English section with a 23 Composite score.  Students who are exempt from taking the TSI-A must order their official SAT or ACT score report from their College Board or ACT account to be sent directly to the TCC NE Campus AND bring a copy to Mrs. Walden or Mrs. Habermehl in the counseling office. 

*Students may re-take the TSI-A as many times as necessary before the March 24th deadline.
*Here’s a link to the TCC website with the most updated information on TSI-A exemptions for the SAT, etc: https://www.tccd.edu/admission/testing-centers/tsi-assessment/exemptions-exceptions-waivers/
Students do not need to go to TCC to register for their 2019-20 Dual class(es).  CHHS will give TCC official transcripts for all 2019-20 Dual students.   
*Students will enroll for TCC via ApplyTexas at CHHS (location TBD) on February 21st .  They will be sent a pass with the time/location to report.  They will need to bring their own laptop and headphones.

*Students will self-register for Dual courses at CHHS (location TBD) on April 17th.  They will need to bring their own laptop. 
Payment for Dual Credit tuition will be due prior to the first day of class each semester.  Payment can be made online through the student's TCC WebAdvisor account or in person at any TCC Business Services Office.  Failure to make payment on time will result in being dropped from the class by TCC. 
 TCC NE Campus Bookstore: 817-515-6646