From the GCISD Program of Studies:

High school students may earn up to two (2.0) credits toward graduation through correspondence courses. Students wishing to enroll in correspondence courses MUST consult with a counselor prior to enrolling. Correspondence courses shall be used for emergencies or enrichment only and should not become a substitute for residence work. Courses are subject to approval by the principal. Students are responsible for paying all fees for course materials and resources. Correspondence courses are not included in the calculation of GPA or class rank.  Students enrolling in a Texas Tech University ISD correspondence course on or after September 1, 2019 will use Proctorio, the 24/7 online proctoring tool, to have final exams administered.  Counselors will no longer administer final exams. Please visit the TTUISD Proctorio FAQ website for more information.

Other requirements:

If a student wishes to take Health via correspondence, the student must prove CPR certification prior to approval.

*All correspondence courses must be COMPLETE before the first day of a student's senior year.*
**UPDATE FOR THE CLASS OF 2021- The deadline to complete all correspondence courses is the end of the fall semester, December 18th, 2020.**

Required Approval Form