Deborah Barber R.N.

Welcome to the Colleyville Heritage High School Clinic Web Page.

Our clinic is run by Deborah Barber R.N. and Michelle Post Health Aide.

Criteria for students to be sent home are Temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or greater, vomiting that is determined to be infectious or recurrent in nature, diarrhea that may be infectious or recurrent in nature, injury that needs immediate medical attention, rashes of unknown origin and impairment that is limiting a students ability to function in class.

Please discourage your child from contacting you to go home without going through the nurse. We do allow students to use the phone from the clinic after an evaluation. We do not require that the student be sick enough to go home to make a call, but we will want to speak DIRECTLY with a parent or guardian to allow a student to leave.

We only dispense medications that a student has provided from the clinic. The link for forms for keeping medications at school are on this website. All prescription medications must be kept in the clinic (inhalers and EpiPens are the only exceptions and require a special Dr. signed permission slip). Prescription medications require the Medication Administration med sheet. If prescriptions are of a controlled substance, a doctors signature is required by the 11th dose. All other prescription medications are accepted with a parent signature. All prescription meds must have the pharmacy label attached and show correct dosage. Sample medications must have an original prescription from the doctor attached. All medical forms must be updated annually.

The Non prescription medication Permission sheet is for those who want to allow their child to carry over the counter meds with them to school. This is a parent driven decision that is only allowed at the High School level. This form requires a parent signature, student signature and designation of what medications the parent is comfortable with the child carrying at school. The student is responsible for carrying the medications in the original container, taking only as directed and not sharing the medication with other students.

Our campus is also a Latex Free Campus. Please do not send latex balloons. Mylar balloons may be brought to campus.

Feel free to call the clinic for any questions you have about your students medical needs.

Immunization records can be accessed through the clinic or they are available to you through Skyward under Health then Vaccinations. Please allow at least 24 hours for processing of records.

E-mail [email protected]

Direct clinic phone number is (817) 305-4722.

FAX (817) 305-4727