Are you an eBook or audio book FAN? 
NOW AVAILABLE through your CHHS Learning Commons


What is OverDrive?

OverDrive is a free service offered by your library or school that lets you borrow digital content (like eBooks and audiobooks) anytime, anywhere.

How do you access OverDrive?

Login to classlink by going to & use your usual school login username & password.

Click on the green folder called "Library Resources"

Once you are in "Library Resources," you will click on the Overdrive icon od icon

You will then be directed to the CHHS Overdrive Homepage, which will look something like this.

od homepage

From the homepage, you can search, browse, and checkout both audiobooks & ebooks through our library collection.

Checkouts are automatically set for a 2 week checkout. Once the 2 weeks are up, the book will go away from your device or computer.

If a title/cover has an open book icon similar to this ebook icon  it is an eBook.

If a title/cover has a headphones icon similar to this audiobook  it is an audio book.

*Note: DO NOT use the Overdrive App from the iTunes App Store. You will not have access to YOUR school Overdrive collection. 
YOU MUST login to ClassLink in order to view our available titles.

You CAN access Overdrive this way through your iPhone or Android as well as from a computer, laptop, or tablet. 

If you have any questions about library collections, please talk to the librarian, Kim Thibodeaux, or email her at


The CHHS Learning Commons also has over 2,000 eBooks and counting, in addition to the thousands of eBooks accessible through our district's Gale Virtual Reference Library.

How to access eBooks:

Simply access Destiny, our online catalog of books, and enter your search term(s). You can also search the word "ebook" to bring up a list of all of our ebooks. Once you click on an ebook title, you will see a link to start reading the book. You will need to log in with our school username and password. See or email the librarian if you don't know the login.